To Kill a Timesuck

Timesucking suck suck! There goes my time with my family on a Saturday! Maybe if I click my heels 3 times together, I’ll end up back in “Automationland”….

“Timesuck: an activity to which one devotes a lot of time that might be better or more productively spent doing other things.”

Timesucks: Better Known as Wednesday Meetings

I know what youre thinking. Did he solve six rework loops or only five? Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement, I’ve kinda lost track…

Why Timesucks Suck

Step 1: List Out Your Timesucks

Step 2: If a Timesuck Falls in an Office and No One is Around to Do It, Does it Make a Difference?

If we didn’t do this timesuck, would it impact our business at all?

Step 3: Get Your Timesuck Out Of The Office

Mr. Meeseeks is actually a virtual outsourcing talent based out of Manila. Didn’t you know?

Step 4: Automate Your Timesuck

Step 5: Realize Savings (Money & Happiness)

TL;DR — Kill Timesucks With Automation & Outsourcing

To Kill a Timesuck: in stores nowhere.



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Nick Canfield

Nick Canfield


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