The Importance of SEO and Easy Website Design

Case Study: Impact of SEO

Website Traffic After SEO Optimization

Keyword Ranking Improvements from SEO

Impact of SEO on Website Clicks

Optimizing Website Design for Conversions

For any landing page, you need to make it very obvious about what you wanted the customer to do. Give them buttons. Lead them to the right action. For the taxi website, they have 3 options right on the landing page when they view the site:

  • Call
  • Text
  • Online Booking Form

Is SEO Worth the Investment?

1000%! In fact, this is what you could see for your return on investment. For the taxi website, since the service was a one-time service (~$1000), this increased sales and revenue by at least $100K each year. The company does not run any ads; all their traffic is via SEO.

Simple Steps to Get Started With SEO

  1. Start with Neil Patel’s Uber Suggest SEO Audit tool. It will let you know the main problems with your website’s current SEO, and it even lets you know how easy it is to fix it. I’m not affiliated with his site.
  2. Get Google Analytics. This will let you measure the traffic to your site.
  3. Set up Goals/Conversions tracking in Google Analytics. This will let you know how your site converts for whatever you want. Contact us page. Sales. Article views. Whatever. Track your conversions to get a baseline before moving to step 4.
  4. Hire an Expert. Go to, and you’ll find some amazing SEO optimizers out there. Please do your due diligence as some will see you quick fixes (i.e. bad backlinks…. ARGH!!!) that will actually hurt your site. Focus on keywords for your talent search link “Keyword Optimization” or “SEO Optimization”. Please DO NOT SEARCH FOR BACKLINKS. For this, you need to hire a professional organization to make sure your website will not get hurt by grey backlinks.
  5. Set up Google Search Console. This will let you know what keywords your site is listed for and at what ranking by Google. VERY IMPORTANT.



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