Take the Quiz: How Good is Your Business Data?

Ever pondered the following questions…

  • How good/bad is my company’s data compared to others?
  • Are other organizations using data better than us?
  • How can we turn our “data monster” into a data friend?

Take the Business Data Wellness Quiz below and see how your business measures up. Tally your points as your go along, and see how your business data compares with others.

Business Data Wellness Quiz

Question #1: How reliable and “clean” is your data?

  • [2 Points] Very Clean. We trust our data 100%.
  • [1 Point] Somewhat Clean. We trust some parts of our data and not others.
  • [0 Points] It’s a nightmare! Our staff doesn’t trust our data, and we have secret hidden data sets everywhere because people don’t trust others.

Question #2: How many people in your organization can edit your data?

  • [2 Points] Only the necessary people. We have firm documentation on how data is input, by who, and at what frequency.
  • [1 Point] Some. We mostly have rules around how data is input, but it’s not very stable.
  • [0 Points] All Staff. We don’t restrict who can edit data.

Question #3: Do you use a Business Intelligence (BI) Tool?

  • [4 Points] Yes. We use and love our BI tool.
  • [2 Points] Maybe. I think we use a BI tool in another department.
  • [ 0 Points] No. We don’t use a BI tool.
  • [-1 Point] What’s a BI tool? Does Excel count? ← Google it, please :)

Question #4: What is your biggest data pain point?

  • [1 Point] Don’t know the hidden insights of our data.
  • [1 Point] Our reports take too much time to produce.
  • [1 Point] We don’t have the time to do a deep dive into our data.
  • [0 Points] Our data is unreliable. No one trusts it.
  • [0 Points] Our data is everywhere, and we don’t know how to tame it!

Question #5: Do you have a CRM?

  • [3 Points] Yes. We track everything in there.
  • [2 Points] Yes, but we don’t use it often.
  • [1 Point] Kind of. We use a tool like Google Sheets or Excel as our CRM.
  • [0 Points] No. We don’t have a CRM.
  • [-1 Point] What’s a CRM? ← Google it, please :)

Question #6: Do you use data scientists/analysts to find hidden insights in your data?

  • [4 Points] Yes. We have a department with one or more data scientists.
  • [3 Points] Yes. We hire external data analysts.
  • [1 Point] No. We analyze our own data.
  • [0 Points] No. We have never really analyzed our data in depth.

Question #7: How would you rate your company surveys?

  • [2 Points] Excellent! We get amazing data insights from our surveys.
  • [1 Point] Okay. We get some good insights, but the surveys are probably not optimized.
  • [0 Points] Poor. Our customers don’t answer them much and we don’t get a lot of insights.
  • [-1 Point] N/A. We don’t use surveys in our organization.

Question #8: Do you use data automation tools (Ex. Zapier, Automate.io, ETL Data Flows)?

  • [3 Points] Yes. We automate a lot of our data needs with these tools.
  • [1 Point] Maybe. I don’t know.
  • [0 Points] No. I have never heard of these tools before.


Add up your points and find the matching category below to see how your data matches up with other companies.

[13+ Points] Excellent

  • Ranking: Top 10%
  • Typically Seen: 100+ Staff Organizations
Nice data you got there… 😃

Your organization uses data very well with not a lot of hassle. Staff trusts the data and knows how to use it.

Suggestion #1: Find more game-changing data insights with an expert data science team!

Suggestion #2: If you don’t already have one, consider purchasing a BI (Business Intelligence) tool to automate your data reports.

[8–12 Points] Okay, but room for improvement

  • Ranking: Top 50%
  • Typically Seen: 50+ Staff Organizations
Okay, now time to hit that data boost button! 🚀

Your organization has some trouble using its data to its fullest, and this creates some problems across your organization. Staff might not fully trust the data, and only some know how to find and use it.

Suggestion #1: Focus on creating better data input processes.

Suggestion #2: Invest in a Business Intelligence tool to automate reports and empower people with data!

[3–7 Points] Poor

  • Ranking: Bottom 50%
  • Typically Seen: Organizations with <50 Staff
Poor Data. Poor You. 😔

Your organization has a lot of trouble using and collecting data, and this creates vast problems across your organization. Staff doesn’t fully trust the data, and only some know how to find and use it.

Suggestion #1: Hire a data team to help your organization get back on track with a data audit.

Suggestion #2: Take the time to do a data clean-up or hire a data cleaning organization to help you!

Suggestion #3: Invest in a data automation tool like Zapier to automate the collection and input of data across your various tools.

[Negative 3 to 2 Points] House On Fire Bad

  • Ranking: Bottom 10%
  • Typically Seen: Organizations with <5 Staff
Like the bad fire, not the good one. 🔥

Your organization has a lot of trouble using and collecting data, and this creates HUGE problems across your organization. Staff doesn’t trust your data, and very few know how to use it correctly.

Suggestion #1: Invest in an expert data processes team to give you a road map to cleaner and better data!

Data can be difficult. That’s why you should think about hiring experts who really know how to get the most out of your data.

Want more insights from your quiz results? Retake the business data wellness quiz and learn more about how to improve your company’s data.

Note: This quiz was developed by Process Zip, a business data company that focuses on helping small-medium businesses improve their data insights and infrastructure.



Founder of NomadYolo.com. 📈Data geek. 💻Coder. 💼Entrepreneur. 🌊🌴Digital Nomad.

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Nick Canfield

Founder of NomadYolo.com. 📈Data geek. 💻Coder. 💼Entrepreneur. 🌊🌴Digital Nomad.