Take the Quiz: How Good is Your Business Data?

  • How good/bad is my company’s data compared to others?
  • Are other organizations using data better than us?
  • How can we turn our “data monster” into a data friend?
Business Data Wellness Quiz

Question #1: How reliable and “clean” is your data?

  • [2 Points] Very Clean. We trust our data 100%.
  • [1 Point] Somewhat Clean. We trust some parts of our data and not others.
  • [0 Points] It’s a nightmare! Our staff doesn’t trust our data, and we have secret hidden data sets everywhere because people don’t trust others.

Question #2: How many people in your organization can edit your data?

  • [2 Points] Only the necessary people. We have firm documentation on how data is input, by who, and at what frequency.
  • [1 Point] Some. We mostly have rules around how data is input, but it’s not very stable.
  • [0 Points] All Staff. We don’t restrict who can edit data.

Question #3: Do you use a Business Intelligence (BI) Tool?

  • [4 Points] Yes. We use and love our BI tool.
  • [2 Points] Maybe. I think we use a BI tool in another department.
  • [ 0 Points] No. We don’t use a BI tool.
  • [-1 Point] What’s a BI tool? Does Excel count? ← Google it, please :)

Question #4: What is your biggest data pain point?

  • [1 Point] Don’t know the hidden insights of our data.
  • [1 Point] Our reports take too much time to produce.
  • [1 Point] We don’t have the time to do a deep dive into our data.
  • [0 Points] Our data is unreliable. No one trusts it.
  • [0 Points] Our data is everywhere, and we don’t know how to tame it!

Question #5: Do you have a CRM?

  • [3 Points] Yes. We track everything in there.
  • [2 Points] Yes, but we don’t use it often.
  • [1 Point] Kind of. We use a tool like Google Sheets or Excel as our CRM.
  • [0 Points] No. We don’t have a CRM.
  • [-1 Point] What’s a CRM? ← Google it, please :)

Question #6: Do you use data scientists/analysts to find hidden insights in your data?

  • [4 Points] Yes. We have a department with one or more data scientists.
  • [3 Points] Yes. We hire external data analysts.
  • [1 Point] No. We analyze our own data.
  • [0 Points] No. We have never really analyzed our data in depth.

Question #7: How would you rate your company surveys?

  • [2 Points] Excellent! We get amazing data insights from our surveys.
  • [1 Point] Okay. We get some good insights, but the surveys are probably not optimized.
  • [0 Points] Poor. Our customers don’t answer them much and we don’t get a lot of insights.
  • [-1 Point] N/A. We don’t use surveys in our organization.

Question #8: Do you use data automation tools (Ex. Zapier, Automate.io, ETL Data Flows)?

  • [3 Points] Yes. We automate a lot of our data needs with these tools.
  • [1 Point] Maybe. I don’t know.
  • [0 Points] No. I have never heard of these tools before.


Add up your points and find the matching category below to see how your data matches up with other companies.

[13+ Points] Excellent

  • Ranking: Top 10%
  • Typically Seen: 100+ Staff Organizations
Nice data you got there… 😃

[8–12 Points] Okay, but room for improvement

  • Ranking: Top 50%
  • Typically Seen: 50+ Staff Organizations
Okay, now time to hit that data boost button! 🚀

[3–7 Points] Poor

  • Ranking: Bottom 50%
  • Typically Seen: Organizations with <50 Staff
Poor Data. Poor You. 😔

[Negative 3 to 2 Points] House On Fire Bad

  • Ranking: Bottom 10%
  • Typically Seen: Organizations with <5 Staff
Like the bad fire, not the good one. 🔥



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