How to Find the Best DOMO Consultants

Where to go, what to ask, and how to find them.

As DOMO is quite a new platform with a lot of bells and whistles, companies are looking for expert consultants to help them with…

  • DOMO Implementations
  • Customizing DOMO Dashboards
  • DOMO MySQL & ETL Flows
  • DOMO Beast Modes
  • Custom DOMO Apps
  • Custom APIs with DOMO

There’s a lot to do inside of DOMO’s amazing BI tool, and in my opinion, it’s the best BI tool in the marketplace today.

Once you’re 100% sure that DOMO is right for your company’s business intelligence needs (versus something like Tableau), you’re going to need some consultants to jump-start your DOMO implementation and customization.

In this article, we’ll review…

  1. Where to find the best DOMO consultants
  2. What questions to ask DOMO consultants before hiring them

Where to Find the Best DOMO Consultants

  1. DOMO’s Partner List
  2. UpWork DOMO Freelancers
  3. MeasureMatch DOMO Freelancers
  4. Toptal (top 3% of freelancers)

If you have a large budget for your DOMO implementation, DOMO’s list of partners includes big consulting firms like Deloitte and BlueMoon Digital, but do beware. These companies will be charging quite high consulting fees (est. $300+ / hour).

If your budget doesn’t allow the big firms, there are tons of expert DOMO consulting freelancers (or teams) on UpWork, Toptal, and MeasureMatch. From reviewing some profiles on UpWork, their rates (~$50–$150 / hour) are MUCH lower than the Deloittes of the world.

Questions to Ask DOMO Consultants Before Hiring

There are many many questions you can ask your prospective consultant(s), but here are some starting questions…

  • How experienced are you with DOMO’s ETL flows?
  • When should we use MySQL in our DOMO implementation?
  • Do you have experience setting up KPI dashboards for multiple departments (accounting, finance, marketing, products, etc…)?
  • Do you have experience with predictive analytics frameworks with DOMO’s R and Python functionalities?
  • Please tell us the best story about how DOMO has improved your previous clients’ businesses?

From there let the consulting team fill in the gaps about how they believe DOMO can help your company. Every developer and consulting group will have their specialties, so make sure you talk to enough people to find the right consultant for your business!

Hopefully, this is helpful to you and your company’s journey to find the best DOMO consultants. Make sure your consultant(s) fully understand(s) the needs and vision of your business before you hire them or put them on retainer, and always get everyone from your company on board with what they need from DOMO before you hire your consulting team.

Note: My business intelligence and analytics company was not compensated by DOMO (or any of the freelancing companies listed) in any way for this article. The only goal here is to help companies find the right consultants and business intelligence consulting firms for their business needs.

Founder of ( Process Consulting + Automation). 📈Data geek. 💻Self-taught coder. 💼Entrepreneur at heart.

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Nick Canfield

Nick Canfield

Founder of ( Process Consulting + Automation). 📈Data geek. 💻Self-taught coder. 💼Entrepreneur at heart.

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