The Basics: How to Automate Your Small Business Process with Zapier

Problem: Slow & Manual Leads Intake & Follow-up

  1. Receives contact-us form responses to your emails.
  2. Copy/pastes the data into a Google Sheet to log a new lead.
  3. Creates a new folder for the lead’s data in your Google Drive.
  4. Sends a Slack message to everyone in your Slack “Leads” channel.
  5. Sends an email to ask the person to schedule an introduction call.

Plan: Automate Process with Zapier

  1. [Trigger] Client submits Typeform Contact-Us form entry on website.
  2. [Action] Send lead’s data to a new row in Google Sheet leads tracking spreadsheet.
  3. [Action] Create a folder with the lead’s name inside the leads tracking folder in Google Drive.
  4. [Action] Send a Slack message on leads channel to alert everyone.
  5. [Action] Send client an email with a link to the Calendly automation scheduling app.

Step 1: Sign up for Zapier Starter or Professional Account.

Step 2: Connect your Apps.

Step 3: Make a Zap.

Step 4: Set your Trigger.

Step 5: Choose your Actions.

Step 6: Pat Yourself on the Back.

Step 7: Test & Study the Zap

Step 8: Teach Your Team

Step 9: Turn on the Zap

Step 10: Monitor & Continuously Improve the Zap



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