How the COVID-19 Pandemic Turned Everyone into “Semi” Data Nerds

The COVID Data Goldrush & The Drive To “Semi” Nerd-dome

  1. Hospitalization Rates / Counts
  2. Death Rates / Death Count
  3. R0 — “R naught” and Exponential Growth Factors
  4. Herd Immunity Rates

The Data “Nerdification” Begins

  • Should I shut down my business if the community has X number of cases in my community?
  • What’s the risk for me if I go out in my community?
  • How effective are masks, and should I wear one?
  • How likely am I to die if I get infected?

Can We Continue Being “Semi” Data-Driven Nerds?

  • make more-informed health decisions.
  • reduce personal and business risks.
  • make more money for their businesses.



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Nick Canfield

Nick Canfield

Founder of 📈Data geek. 💻Coder. 💼Entrepreneur. 🌊🌴Digital Nomad.