Hi, I'm Nick.

I'm a global digital nomad who loves to write about entrepreneurship, outsourcing, being a digital nomad, data, programming, and life.


I'm an international nomad and entrepreneur currently living in Vietnam and Thailand. I started my international career as a Peace Corps Volunteer in the Federated States of Micronesia teaching English and coaching a track team to win gold at an international competition. I graduated with a master's degree in Political Science (2017) from Illinois State University, and I have worked as a consultant for disability-focused non-profits and other companies ever since.

I started my entrepreneurial journey by winning an international grant competition to fund my first start-up, Raise Your Text, to solve school performance problems in developing countries. I have started multiple small businesses, and I love to help others do so as well.

My Businesses

- Global Hola: We find your perfect virtual assistant or outsourced professional.

- Cute Pet Portrait: Super cute and customized pet artwork. Send us your pet's photo and we turn them into Mona Lisa, Julius Caesar, or The Girl with a Pearl Earring!

- DEP The Label: Amazing swimwear for women of any body type.

How to Get in Touch

Email me at nick.canfield@globalhola.com