Everyone deals with data whether they like it or not. In many cases, people hate their data. Why?

Don’t worry. These problems can be reduced with the right database structure. But I know what you’re thinking.

I’m not a data nerd! How can I learn database structure!?

Even more “no worries”! You don’t have to be a data scientist to make a good and scalable database structure. In fact, you can build a great database even in…

It’s staggering. Small businesses spend hundreds of hours doing manual computer tasks.

How can we automate our business processes?

What many do not know is that you can actually save yourself that time and stress with just a really small initial investment.

How? → Scripting & Automation

To show you how & why you should do this, I’ll show you how I helped an insurance company save hours of time by automating its documentation process.

If you asked someone what a positivity rate was back in 2019, you’d probably get a blank stare and some response like…

“Um…, you mean how positive am I?”

Now in 2021 unless your questionee has been living under a rock, you’ll most definitely be hearing a semi-informed answer, one that public health professionals have had on the tips of their tongues for a long time.

How about type 2 errors? Predictive analytics? Data dashboards?

Get real. The average Joe didn’t have a lot of exposure to these things in 2019.

But here were are in 2021, and I bet…

Where to go, what to ask, and how to find them.

As DOMO is quite a new platform with a lot of bells and whistles, companies are looking for expert consultants to help them with…

There’s a lot to do inside of DOMO’s amazing BI tool, and in my opinion, it’s the best BI tool in the marketplace today.

Once you’re 100% sure that DOMO is right for your company’s business intelligence needs (versus something like Tableau), you’re going to need some consultants to jump-start your DOMO implementation and customization.


Ever pondered the following questions…


Take the Business Data Wellness Quiz below and see how your business measures up. Tally your points as your go along, and see how your business data compares with others.

The horror and agony of bad data!

It’s okay to admit it. You can probably say one of the following (I won’t tell on you 😉)

Secret Data Confessions

Don’t worry. It’s normal to not like your company’s data. In fact, I’ve seen it a lot at the different organizations that I’ve worked with.

But why? Why…

Pets. Pets. Pets. “Hey, have I told you what Mr. Sammy did this morning?” “Did I already tell you about my cat?”

Pets are a HUGE market, and it’s only growing in size. In short, I hope to let you know that now is the time to jump on this eCommerce ship before it gets gobbled up by others.

Why? Just check out the report by Research & Markets.

U.S. retail sales of pet products and services reached $107 billion in 2020, up 9% over 2019, due largely to a COVID-19 driven spike in the pet population.

And another


We agree Bertilla!

My company, www.CutePetPortrait.com is doing just this in the pet space.

Photo by Randy Fath on Unsplash

Life is an unweilding wildery wilderness. Most days we just try to make it through the brush to get to the clearing, and very rarely do we ever get to see the path we’ve created from a bird’s eye view.

Um… Where am I?

That’s where data and dashboards come to the rescue!

With dashboards and good data, we can know where we’ve been and where we’re going. That’s why I tell all my friends to track their “game of life” stats, just like in the game, with their own personal “Game of Life” dashboard.

Your “Game of Life” Dashboard

My own “game of life”…

Cat Portraits. Dog Portraits. Where does it end!!?!

If you own a dog or cat, you’ve probably seen the slightly annoying ads like this…

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